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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yummy(and cheap) Rice and Beans

Okay, so I made this recipe up, I have never seen something for it, but it is SO good!

4 cups uncooked Rice
2 cans Ranch Style Beans (there is a link in case you aren't near Texas and have NO CLUE what these are!)
1-2 cans on diced tomatoes, drained (petite Diced are best, and amount depends how much you like tomatoes)
Ranch Dressing (I used a homemade packet)
Tortillas (optional)

Cook the rice as directed (I used a rice cooker). In a large pot warm the beans and tomatoes. Add in the cooked rice. Mix thoroughly. Add in about half a bottle of ranch dressing and mix. Serve topped with lettuce and a little more Ranch dressing.

This can also be served in a flour tortilla. Add a little bit more Ranch dressing and lettuce on top and roll up in tortilla and enjoy.

**the first time I made this I was actually just doing burritos. I had marinated some Chicken and baked it. and then put the Rice, the beans everything into a tortilla. The mixing it all together happened with the leftovers and I loved it!  So you can add some baked or grilled chicken and it is good that way too!

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